Scenic routes cause us to slow down and take in the beauty, quality and uniqueness of the journey. I strive to incorporate these same elements in all Scenic Route Collection jewellery. For me, creating is just as much about the journey as it is the finished product. From designing to sourcing materials, production, polishing and shipping, I will take the necessary steps to create a beautiful one of a kind piece. Rest assured the journey, from the moment we first speak to the package arriving at your door, will be a scenic one.

I recently graduated from the 10-month intensive jewellery studio program at Kootenay Studio Arts (KSA) in Nelson, British Columbia. My journey to Nelson started many years ago as a teenager creating hemp necklaces, wire-wrapped rings and pendants out of recycled materials. Years later I began following inspiring metalsmiths on social media and realized I had barely scratched the surface of jewellery design. Another two years later, I was newly married and finally on my way to Nelson to attend KSA in the heart of the mountains.

Being immersed in my new craft with a group of like-minded creators and surrounded by the natural beauty of the Kootenay's was incredibly inspiring. Although short, I am grateful for the time I spent there, and if our journeys don’t cross paths again, I know Scenic Route Collection grew to what it is today because of my time in Nelson, BC.

Scenic Route Collection is comprised of limited production and one of a kind jewellery pieces showcasing and emphasizing the beauty of the natural world around us. All the jewellery is handcrafted by me using a variety of materials including: sterling silver, brass, gold and semi-precious stones.

-Brittani Buettner,

  Owner & Artist